I am unable to run Perl scripts due to missing modulesBack to Support

This may happen when an existing Perl installation is in conflict with yours.  For example, Oracle may install a copy of Perl within its folder structure for its scripting needs.  We have observed that though Oracle's Perl installation is quite independent, it does set PERL5LIB environment variable.  The PERL5LIB variable points to possible library (module) locations.  We certainly do not advise you to unset this variable, as it may have consequences on your Oracle installation.  We recommend to create a batch file (For Windows environment) or a shell script (Unix/Linux) to launch your copy of Perl interpreter.  In the batch file/shell script, unset the PERL5LIB variable and then launch perl interpreter using its explicit path.

Example of batch file:
c:\perl\bin\perl %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6